Position is wrong and position tool is wonky

This is my setup in LB:

as you can see the item to be but is on the top left, but when I start the burn the actual cuts are around here:

I also tried to use the position tool, but that too positions the cutter at the wrong place :frowning:

What kind of laser do you have, what controller does it use, and does it have homing or limit switches? The ‘Your Machine’ section in your profile just says, “Chinese 15w” which doesn’t provide any sort of useful detail.

Updated my profile :slight_smile:

I have a 50w co2 (china) laser, I think this is it

It looks like you’re using ‘User Origin’ or ‘Current Position’ as the ‘Start From’ setting. They don’t place the art on the laser where it is on the screen - ‘Absolute Coords’ mode does that. Read here: