Positioning laser head to workpiece

Okay, probably a simple one but there you go. I have a small diode laser without limit switches. I know that I can set my lower left corner to 0,0, but when I import my file into Lightburn and put it anywhere on the grid, how do I tell the controller where I have placed the piece to be lasered on the work bed? Just what is the workflow?

The following discusses the ‘Coordinates and Job Origin’ system in LightBurn. There are a few different ways to tell LightBurn how to cut the project within the work area of your machine. You choose them in the “Start From” box in the ‘Laser’ window.

Thank you I’d read some of those pages.

So, if I have my laser mounted on a board with alignment marks etched in, I could save each of those alignment points as a ‘saved position’.
Then I could use the interface to send the laser to that position, press Start and all is good?

Make sense?

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