Positioning save is not able to accept minus values

Hello Lightburn guys. I have not found out how to save position values that include the minus sign. Specifically, I want to do this for a file of which I hope to burn many times and it would be hugely useful if I could save the location of the X Y and Z coordinates.

My Z coordinate (laser at 3.17mm above workpiece) is working at -79.33mm. I cannot enter the minus value and the positive value just makes the Z axis carriage climb to the top of its travel. (Shapeoko SO3 with JTech 4.2W laser) I notice that minus values cannot be entered into any of the numerical input boxes for position either.

What am I doing wrong and is there anyway I can do this?

Hello, Is anyone from the Lightburn team around? Thank you.

LightBurn doesn’t support negative coordinates at all - It generally means “out of bounds” or “inside the material”, since 0Z is the surface of the laser bed, and +Z is above it.

If your Z is reversed, you can set the ‘Negative Z’ toggle in the device settings, and then the software should negate all Z commands before sending them. Does that work for you?

Thanks for the reply, Oz. I will try that. Part of my issue is probably based in the fact that I am setting Z0 to the top of the stock, rather than the baseboard. Thank you for the help. I will try this out tomorrow.

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