Possible bug in array

I was cleaning up my design space in lightburn v1.06 and had some virtual array elements. When I attempted to save myself a step or two by reducing the virtual array elements down to 1,1 from the 2,2, when I click OK the elements keep coming back Converting the virtual array back to normal array works, but it would have been easier to set the number of elements back to 1 and be done. I made sure to remove the grouping as well

Are you willing to share your file here? Iā€™d like to see if I can reproduce the results you are getting here so i can understand your question.

tried it on a differant instance on another computer.

Any object, create a virtual array with it. 2x2
Make it a virtual array.
exit the array create dialog
Select the original object, and right click. Select Edit array.
change the 2x2 to a 1x1 again and click ok. You will still have your 4 objects when you exit the create dialog.

Thank you for reporting this. I am able to reproduce what you describe using the 1.0.06 version.

I also tested this flow with our latest beta, which presents the following:

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