Possible bug in gcode creation

One of the things I need to do quite often is to have both cutting and engraving instructions in a single piece of gcode. I know how to do this using Inkscape and LaserGRBL but it’s somewhat long winded, so I thought I’d buy a copy of Lightburn as its meant to be a lot easier.
I created a simple shape in layer 2 with the laser speed at 20mm/sec and the power at 72%. I then created another shape in layer 27 with the laser speed at 100mm/sec and the power at 8%. Then I clicked in Save Gcode.
Examining the Gcode using a text editor and while the power and speed settings are correct (S80F100) the settings for the simple shape are S518.4F20 whereas it should be S720F20

Lightburn1 Lightburn2

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