Possible Bug in Offset Shapes

I went to use the offset shape on a line to get another line using Outward (left) and it created a bot going in both directions. When I tried Inward (right) I got nothing. I know that I have used these functions in earlier versions with no problem. I used the pencil and drew a line just to make sure I didn’t accidentally use the box function and received the same results.

I do believe this is working as expected.

The ‘offset shape’ tool is looking at the line as a closed shape and is applying an outward offset all around. It cannot apply an inner offset because it is a solid line ( no inner).

I hope my explanation makes sense, albeit I may be wrong

I’m not so sure it’s working right because I have used it to offset lines unless it was changed in the last update. It’s a very useful feature being able to offset

You may well be right, I have never used this feature on single lines, this was just my take on it. I hope someone from LightBurn will clarify, @Rick, @JohnJohn

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Show us what you are getting, and also illustrate what you expected when doing this. Show us what your desired result would produce. :slight_smile:

I am able to produce an offset to a line. Produces as I’d expect. If I draw a line on a piece of paper, then try to place my finger on the “outside” of that line by some distance, the outside is around the entirety of the line. This is precisely what Offset is doing.

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Offset as the way I use it in other programs is if I have a line and I tell it to offset that line 10mm a new copy of the line will be 10mm away either to the left, right, or both. When I tell it to go 10mm to the left it doesn’t do anything, when I turn it to right it goes 10mm to the left and right so now it’s 20mm, and does the same as right under both. It work fine when I’m using it with shapes. Maybe I just need to download a fresh copy

Here is what I am seeing.

Show us what you are seeing and what you expected. Use one of the “other programs” if that works to show what you are after.

At one point, we had discussed being able to offset to the left or right of single lines, but it doesn’t actually work that way currently, and never has in LightBurn. :slight_smile: I have made a note internally to follow up on this. Thank you for reporting it.

I have included a picture of V-carve, the spacing is at 0.5. you mention that it has never been a part of Lightburn, then I must have used the array function and confused it with some of the other software I use. Thank you for your assistance. I do have to say that I have been using the software for just over a year now and I like it. The function to have multiple windows open is nice. Thank you again

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You are welcome, Nathen. Thank you for supporting LightBurn. The image you share provides helpful illustration, and is appreciated. :slight_smile: And thank you for the feedback. We consider this support and feedback very helpful in our desire to provide quality products, valued by our users.

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