Possible Bug in Virtual Array

I was messing with the virtual array trying to learn it. I was swapping from virtual back to normal several times so I could see better what was happening. I accidently clicked ok when it was in normal mode and wanted to reset it back to virtual. After backing up enough steps I went in to edit the array again and everything is offset and reset and has weird behavior. Hopefully I described it well enough. It’s pretty easy to duplicate.

Edit I just saw the green dot bug post. Wonder if its the same.

I am not seeing anything odd when using Undo, to back up while using the Array tools. Working as expected with my testing.

Trying to follow, but… maybe provide step-by-step, so I can try and repo here. :slight_smile:

  1. Draw a circle and create a virtual array 3x3 or whatever click ok.
  2. Click to edit array and uncheck virtual and click ok.
  3. Click undo to get it back to virtual.
  4. Click to edit array. This is where its messed up.

Thank you for the sequence. I am seeing some unexpected behavior and investigating further. Dev team is looking as well. Update when we have further to share. :slight_smile:

Please expand on what “everything is offset” and “and has weird behavior” means, technically.

Seeing similar, so thank you for that confirmation. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great details!
This has been fixed and will be in v1.0.1 patch release which should be out very soon.
In the meantime the problem is that it’s remembering the last array type you used in a case where you shouldn’t. If you create another array that is virtual then delete it (or keep it if you need it) it will load the Create Grid Array window in the correct state.


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