Possible Bug - LB Aug 2023 update; Windows 10 ; OLM Pro 2

Has anyone experienced issues with “units” after the lightburn update?

An example is when I try to enter an equation in the “Width” or “Height” interface, I am not getting the product (1.25*25.4).

Yes I know the units can be “toggled” (which i do frequently).

Also in the “move” menu, the units are not updating when toggled.

None of these were an issue before the update. I am assuming a “BUG”.?

I’ve verified inputs in the width and height boxes in MacOS 1.4.01 work as expected.

The Distance box updates as expected in the Move window.

@JohnJohn care to try on a windows machine? Mine is in boxes while I move here.

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My test results in W11 look fine.

Tried this specifically, got 31.570 as a result.

I see no problem with units in Move window changing with unit toggle.

I’d suggest a reinstall.

It appears I may have had a Random Access Memory issue?
New day, new file, everything seems to work as usual EXCEPT when units toggle in the Move menu and hit GO, laser zoomed out of bounds as if she were lost.
I am going to blame this on my old tired laptop!

Thanks for verifying Colin and others. I appreciate the feedback.


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Zooming out of bounds is pretty strange and I’d like to take a look at a file that your old laptop would have generated based on the settings.

If you’re interested in sharing your LightBurn Prefs file (lbprefs), click File then Click Export Prefs and save the file somewhere convenient.

You’re welcome to change the filename extension to .txt and upload the lbprefs file here as a reply, send it privately here, or Email it to Support@LightBurnSoftware.com
Attn: John Re: 107651 OLM Pro 2 Win 10

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Thanks - I’ll see what I can conjure up tomorrow!

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I sent the txt file to the support address you provided.

Thanks again…

We have received the file and we’re reviewing it now.

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I suspect what you’ve done is changed the units from mm to inches, but left the values in the “Move to Position” boxes unchanged (we don’t auto-convert those when switching). If you had non-zero values there and clicked the Go button after switching from mm to inches, the controller would be interpreting those values in inches, and they’d now likely be out of bounds.

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I’ve updated the code to also translate the move coordinate values to the new units when switching for the next release.


Thank you for your attention to this matter. Your analysis makes sense and is likely what transpired.

I appreciate your help!


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