Possible bug (*shudder)

If I enable Overscanning, then turn it off, it always thinks overscanning is on and complains that I may be out of bounds for the engraving area (or some error message similar to that).

Are you setting the job exactly on an edge of the workspace?

If you had overscan off, and don’t get the warning, then turn it on, then off again, you get the warning? Is this what you’re seeing?

I started at the edge of the workspace… Turned on overscan, it complained…turned it off… Now it complains even with it off if I’m close to the edge.

I’ve just tested this with no problems. Does your machine have limit switches and homing enabled?

It has neither. It isn’t super important, but it does do it ever time I start from close to the starting point of the machine. It’s a sainsmart 3018 pro. I just have to click continue even if overscan is off. I’m on the current version, but I did not uninstall from scratch.

That’ll likely be why then - If you don’t have limit switches, and aren’t homing the machine, the controller won’t be reporting usable position info. If you always power up with the controller at the front-left position it can work, but otherwise you can just disable the warning because it needs homing to work.

I’ll also say your software is the best money I’ve spent. It’s amazing.

Okay, thank you! Maybe I’ll get a real machine one day. :grin:

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