Possible bug when accessing

On my M1 Mac I cannot access my posts without getting this:

Which “posts” are you referring too? Where are these “posts” and what are you using to view when you get this message? A browser? Another application? Need a bit more to better understand what you are experiencing. :slight_smile:

Sorry Rick,

Flow alarm omtech 5200dg

Community Laser Talk

When I try to access this post in forum I get what I posted above.
This only happens on my M1 Mac Mini and it happens on newest version of LB as well as the version before it.
Only began this a week ago. Before that? No problem.
Safari browser.
All is okay on my iMac.

You posted on the flow alarm link yesterday…?


Without logging in, here I show using the LightBurn Forum with Safari on an M1 mac. The top, blue-background bit, is an announcement that is pinned to the top. Click the ‘X’ (circled in red) to close. Are you seeing things as before, after doing so?

It is working right now. Thank you