Possible color options?

What software are you all using to add color to your projects to create proofs to send to customers? I have been using just the layer colors that are available in Lightburn to get close to the final project colors, but I’m running into issues where I don’t have enough or the right colors. I would love to see an option to change the colors right in Lightburn, call it the “Proof” feature?! I don’t know squat about coding, but would that be possible?

I have been using Inkscape [free] to make proof of wood inlay projects. I export the LIghtburn design to svg. Import it into Inscape where I have wood sample photos arranged on the work area, select an area to be a certain wood, and “Set clip” to put the image of the wood inside that shape. Not the workflow I would like, as Illustrator has a “paste inside” option I cannot find in Inkscape. I am also trtying Serif Affinity Designer to do the same thing, Affinity designer is $$ software, and they have a 10 day free trial.

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The “bucket fill” operation in GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) can pour a pattern into a closed region. Some random selections from their predefined patterns:

That’s an SVG image created by another program, but it should work the same with with an SVG from LB.

You can scan images and make your own patterns, which Mary uses to experiment with quilt piecing layouts.

The Bucket Fill settings for an SVG:

  • Fill Type: Pattern Fill
  • Affected Area: Fill Similar colors
  • Finding Similar Colors: Fill transparent areas

Takes a bit of fiddling to get the patterns scanned and set up, then one click in each area does what you want.

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