Possible problem with version 1.4.00

I recently upgraded to version 1.4.00 and the laser power on my voiern 9060 80w with a ruida controller wouldn’t go up as usual. Milliamps were not going any higher than 5mA even whe max power was up to 90%. After a bit of cleaning and checking, alignement mirrors and lens; checked the transformer,chiller and everything I could think of, I did the last thing i could think of. I downgraded to version 1.3.01 and everything went back to normal. Power is up as are mAmps. Anybody else with similar problems?

Check the Max.S_value in the device settings (right side in the middle)If it´s lower than 1000 (max. value) alter it to 1000 to get back full power.

Will look into that. I will eventually reinstall version 1.4.00 and check. Thanks for your input

One thing you can test, to determine if this is an issue introduced with the release of 1.4.00, roll-back to an older version (← Click this link) and see if you get the same results. Please report back as you progress.

Thanks @Wirus, Henry is reporting they have a “voiern 9060 80w with a ruida controller”, which does not use this ‘S-value Max’ setting. That is a GRBL thing. :wink:

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The issue disappeared when I installed version 1.3.01. First run right on. I will try reinstalling 1.4.00 and see what happens. Will keep you updated. Thanks

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I reinstalled version 1.4 and worked for I couple of days. No issues so far

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