Posting .lbrn files on the Forum

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I was responding to a post by Grumpy_old_man and was going to attach a .lbrn file, but it seems I can attach jpegs with the picture icon, but being old, I haven’t found a way to attach .lbrn files. Is it allowed and how do I do it?


It doesn’t look like it. A decent option is probably to upload them to an online service, such as and then paste the link here.

I think the Admin can change the settings to allow lbrn files, I know other Discourse based forums allow other file types to be uploaded.

You’re right, Allen. If they search for authorized_extensions in the admin settings, they should be able to add it there. @raykholo :slight_smile:

We discussed this yesterday. Allowing non-image files to be uploaded to our server is a large security concern to me. I can look further into it since you say other forums have opened it up. But then do we hold at just lbrn or also allow all the SVG, DXF, AI extensions as well?

I would still recommend, and prefer, that you make a Dropbox/ GDrive/ other online hosting and link to it here.


I definitely see what you are saying, Ray, and I agree there is a risk associated with it. Either way (whether you can post it directly to the forum or if you put it on an external hosting site) is fine for me, but I do think it would be nice to at least support the file type that this software generates on its own forum.

I wouldn’t advocate for you guys to use a wildcard for the extensions, that IMO would be a bit reckless.

Could we maybe try it and if we see it being abused turn it off? Just my 2 cents! Like I said, either way I’m good!

I’ve enabled .lbrn upload, please give it a shot, and then redownload your uploaded file and try to open it in LB to see that nothing got screwed up in transit.

I can’t increase the 4mb max size limit without also making changes on the server so that’s a “not just yet” thing. What’s the largest LBRN file you all have?

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I will also place this in the creations section but for a quick test here, this is a simple “No Soliciting” sign that I made.
NoSolicitingThankYou.lbrn (92.4 KB)


7.5mb for me, but it’s a convoluted mess of vectors. I’d guess having raster images in it would increase the size greatly. Most of my files are well under 4mb though.

Success! I downloaded and opened in LightBurn and all data appears to be in tact, i see no issues! :slight_smile:

Also, my largest file currently is about 2.7MB and that was a box I made.

Cool. Will keep it as is for now. You can now include the .lbrn file in the initial post in the Finished Creations section!

You rock, Ray! Just posted one over there now :slight_smile:

Is opening the files up to SVG really a security problem? If there is bad/malicious code in an SVG file what can it do? It would just be a badly formed SVG file then and would not load. I agree that the forum should not allow .exe or .com or .bat or any file that has the ability to execute code when opened.

Mouse, cookie, milk. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I do not understand.

It was an attempt at humor.

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I looked it up. Yes indeed, as soon as you give one thing, someone will want something else. It has been way to long since I was reading books to my kids at night. I should have got that reference immediately.

It’s never too late to start again.

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I get to start again with the grandkids!


An option for large files is to use a sharing site like Thingiverse. I know this isn’t ideal for some things since it is available to everybody but it will work for files that you don’t mind sharing with the world.