Posting .lbrn files on the Forum

(Blake Bartlett) #21

Dropbox gives you 2gb free.

(Isaac Barbary) #22

Google drive gives you 15 GB free.

(Oz) #23

As far as I know, SVG files allow embedded JavaScript, so that can indeed be a large security issue. Click this for a safe example:

You can drag the control points around interactively.

(Graham Jenkins) #24

Thanks Ray, as I am In Australia, and posted last night, I missed most of the follow-up conversation. I see we can now add .lbrn files. Thanks to everyone else for following it up while I was asleep and at work today. I will give it a go in the Finished Creations section. Rgds Graham

(Blake Bartlett) #25

Welp, spent too much time playing with that this morning.

(Allen Massey) #26

Wow, you are 100% correct. I never knew Javascript could be inside an SVG file. Thanks for teaching me something new.

(Casey gadd) #27

There are ways to mitigate these risks. Send me a pm and I can help you out. I have a masters in cyber security.

(Aaron Peterson) #28

From an admin perspective, I would argue against other file uploads directly to the forum database just so the database doesn’t get too large with files over time. Storage costs can get expensive. I’d prefer gdrive/dropbox links

(Doug Fisher) #29

Good point but the downside to that is you will start getting threads with dead download links over time because people will cancel their cloud storage account over time, accidentally delete the file when they need the room for something else, or the cloud storage account will kill the account due to lack of use.

(Allen Massey) #30

After learning that other file type can/may contain code scripts, I think allowing other file types could be a real problem. As long as LRBN files are allowed that seems good to me.

Question, what does LB do with the Java Script if an SVG is imported into LB?

(Oz) #31

When importing, LightBurn ignores everything it doesn’t understand, and translates to its own internal format, so this would scrub the offending code from the SVG.

(Ashley) #32

Is it as good as dropbox? I love the dropbox interface but i keep hitting the size limit

(Isaac Barbary) #33

I have never used Dropbox