Power and Timing off?

I am having an issue where when there is short cuts it does this, it is like the laser is shutting off power early. On others it will not have the same power level when going across a short space as a long space as well.

Getting a look at your settings from a good screenshot, some info about your setup and that sort of information would be very useful.

From the little you’ve shown us I would suggest slowing the speed down. It seems to me that your laser doesn’t have time to ramp up to the required power needed in your Fill.

Agree with @Dominic that we need more information.

Is this a new setup?
Wheel or Chuck type?

I see a relation to where is wasn’t engraved to the loss below it…

If you follow… unfortunately it was covered up…


There is a relation, looks like it fires early and ends early. Ive had this machine for a little over a month and this just started about 2 weeks ago, prior to that i have already done over 100 cups on the machine. This is visible on wood and acrylic as well, but is easier to see on a tumbler.

Are you scanning in the vertical direction… I assume.?

Is there any other evidence of this elsewhere?


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