Power-beam delay while engraving? Line is normal-strong-weak-normal-normal

RUIDA644xs 130W 160x100cm

I have this problem which I call power/beam delay. While scanning/engraving, the line is stronger at start point, then it is weaker, then it is normal until the end. It doesn’t happen on my second Ruida644xs 60W 50x30cm.

Any idea how to compensate for this?

Check the machine settings - do you have “Special Mode” enabled? I can’t remember exactly where it is, and I’m not next to a machine at the moment, but there’s a mode meant for engraving that I believe gives an extra kick at the beginning, then levels off the power, to help high-wattage tubes get better low power control. Check to see if anything like that is in the machine settings. (I think it’s “Special Mode” and “Common Mode”)

Hi Lukasz,
I am not sure if you solved your Problem. I have a possible solution because I had a similar case. Check if your lens is secured. In my case the lens wiggled sometimes and then the focus were incorrect.

Greetings Tim

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