Power Difference Using Start Vs Send

I have noticed this in the past using the different versions of LightBurn since last year. If you send the file to the laser (in my case a Boss LS1420 75watt) the power meter doesn’t jump around much. If you use start the laser uses much more power. Today I sent a job over and it didn’t cut, the engrave was great. So I sent the cut layer again and only got a nice line Pwr 75 Spd 10. So I went and hit start and it blasted through the plywood and was running at 20-21 amps. Is it a glitch with the software? Mac OS 11.6.4, iMac 27in late 2014. Laser is just a year old.

My laser is remote, so I can use ‘send’ but the same code is being generated.

Is this something ‘new’?


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