Power Down machine means resetting Controller X axis every time I power it back up?

So I am still pretty new at this whole thing, and I am really confused at this point. I have been through quite a bit of trial and error, which I expected.

The problem that I am having explained the best I can:

In a nutshell, the x axis requires a reset every time I turn the machine back on. The X axis reads either 10,000 or 9,999.9 whenever I turn on the machine and the Y always resets to 0 as I would think it should. I then need to reset the x axis origin on controller each time in order to get the machine to home properly in Lightburn. Otherwise the X axis upon startup does not home, and if I hit home button the machine will slam into the side of the machine. When I try to use the RDWorks software, I simply turn the machine on and when I hit the home button the controller automatically resets to x=0 and y=0 like I would think it should in lightburn. I would be so grateful if anyone could shed some light on this subject for me. I will be happy to take video or even pictures of anything that would help.

I have the same controller.

When I turn on my machine, it goes back to 0,0 and then to the preset origin from the last session after initialisation, regardless of whether the computer is connected and running LB or not.

Does yours do that?

How are you connected to the machine - USB or ethernet?

When my machine comes on, the head on the Y axis goes to Zero, and the X axis stays wherever it happens to be at the time. I am using USB.

That’s not normal.

The normal behaviour is to home both axes, then to return to the origin, whatever it was set to before power off.

I’ll see if I can find the setting for auto-home.


In Lightburn under edit>machine settings you should see something like this:

As you can see, both X-axis and Y-axis have homing selected.

Homing Issue YouTube Link

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