Power drop restart feature

During a series of tests yesterday, I managed to overload a circuit on which the laser operates. It shut down, of course, but the surprise came when I powered everything up again.

There was a message on the controller screen asking if it should restart the job from the point of the power drop. I hit enter and the process took off from the drop point.

Such a feature has become more common (not yet universal) in the 3D printer world, but I had no indication that it was possible for the Ruida controller in my laser.

Yes sir. It is one of those things you hope you never need. Just yesterday I was running a job on the machine and the GFCI controlling that branch popped.

(Nothing to do with the machine or the job. It happens about once a year on at least one of the four GFCI branches in my shop area. It is just the nature of these GFCI outlets. I even bought and installed the higher end ones that are supposed to minimize nuisance tripping.)

I was really glad when, for the first time, I took advantage of that wonderful greeting from the machine asking me if I would like to resume where it left off. And it did perfectly.

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