Power fade on graphic fill

80 watt CO2 laser, latest LB version, 3/16" glass, test graphic is 2.5"x.5" fill, unidirectional, no cross hatch, 0-degrees (X-axis): The “frost” is good but the power fades over the last 10% of the fill at the end of each line. I end up with a area of minimal frost on the left side of the test rectangle. Can this be adjusted in LB? I have used a bounding box line as well as a separate fill block at the left end of the test rectangle to see if I could get full power for the entire test area. No joy.

Do you have a speed/power/interval you are using?

How long is the lens?

Do you have a mA meter, so you can tell if there is any change of current?


Stock CO2 lens. I don’t know the diameter. Ampmeter doesn’t show any power drop over the area that I can tell. The needle moves too fast for these old eyes. Are there start/stop timing variables in LB like in EZCAD3?

Never have run EZCad… don’t have a Windows machines. So I have no idea of what these are.

Do you need an interval this small? Most of these produce a beam kerf of about 0.20mm

I’d suggest you double check the mechanical to ensure it’s not something related. A shorter lens has a smaller depth of field (focus). Any slope to the be could take it out of focus.

I’d suggest a more reasonable interval and/or a slight de focus…

Good luck


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