Power intermittently drops

Experiencing power dropping low at random times during Line/cuts.
It happens on “line after fill” layer and also “line” layers, “fill” seems unaffected.

Any tips on where to start problem solving?

Files have all been run previously without issue.
Problem has occurred in the past few weeks.

No mA meter installed so can’t see the actual amount of drop.
Laser has nothing plugged into its 240v outlets.

80w C02: at an educated guess 25% line drops to around 10% still enough to surface mark but not cut.

Start by checking ground from your chassis to the centre-pin of your power cable. Then check ground from your controller to the chassis. There should be negligible resistance (0.001 ohm, or better).

If you have a multimeter, it’s straightforward, and you can use it to check your mA from the ground of your tube.

Without knowing anything about your machine, the areas for fault could be: tube, power, electrical grounding.

What colour is your tube’s plasma?

Thanks for the reply, I’ll grab a multimeter today and check.

Plasma is a lovely vibrant pink/purple so I’ve no worries about tube health, just conductivity somewhere that’s playing up I think.

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