Power Milliamp to Percentage

A user has specified a power setting in ma but my machine doesn’t have an ammeter.
What do I need to extract from my machine to convert ma to a percentage of power relative to my laser?


Do you have a diode or a CO2? Power in mA tells me he has a CO2. If you have a CO2 without a mA meter you are running blind. Co2 lasers aren’t even close to linear, Every laser tube / PSU / Controller combination has a different power curve. Until you know what your power curve is and the mA’s associated with it you are only getting close, same with the guy that sent the mA ratings to you… It’s not even an apples to oranges, it’s apples to pumpkins.

Yes, but I figured if he was using say 8ma on a 40w I could translate that to decimal % on a 100w if I know the output of the psu.
I’d like to fit an ammeter to my machine but I’d need advise on that too.

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