Power Scale Lost on Open or Import

When opening an existing Test Pattern card that for example was created and then shared by someone else when you either open or import the project all the power scales are at 100% and none of the pre-defined scales in the original are set. The center row I have selected below should have been 45% but they all come in as 100%.

I am unable to reproduce as you describe. Please post the LightBurn file for review.

I share the following file to see if you can view the different Power Scale set for these circles.

Test PowerScale01.lbrn2 (11.3 KB)

I opened your and it retained the power scales.
Here is one of several I have downloaded and exbibits
Ultra Dense Test Card.lbrn (112.0 KB)
this behavior.
Maybe a version compatibility issue since this is a lbrn and not lbrn2.

I think I just confirmed it, I opened 3 files that were lbrn extension and they all had the issue where the power scales were all 100% and I had 2 files that were lbrn2 that I downloaded and those have the powers scales intact.

Same file, but using the older file format, .lbrn. :slight_smile:

Test PowerScale01.lbrn (11.3 KB)

That file worked fine also, all I know is if I open or import a lbrn file that has power scales they are all 100%, and if I open a lbrn2 that has powers scales they are all correct.
There are some other people talking about the same issue in some of the maker forums and FB groups so I am confident it just not me having the issue.

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