Power scale not working

Hi, I followed the Youtube video showing how to do the Power scale tests yet when I engrave the blocks the laser power does not change. I have 10 squares from 10% to 100%.

Any idea why would the power not change and keep the constant power across all the 10 blocks.


depending on your laser, it may not fire at 10%, but that doesn’t cover the higher values.

I had, while testing this feature, neglected to set the minimum power to properly represent my objective. Do you have your minimum power for the layer to match your project?

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Hi Fred,
This how I set it , Max Power = 65%, Min Power 65% , ( 80w Laser tube )
This there was ten blocks from 10% to 100%
I am using a Ruida controller RDC6442S

So maybe the fist block ( 10% ) would not fire but the rest should fire from 20% upto 100%.

I was reading somewhere that if your Ruida controller is in Manual mode , then the power will not change. Not sure how to get my Ruida control panel back to normal mode because I have been changing power on the controller.


Your minimum power is set to 65%, so the controller will pay no attention to the scale changes.

You can confirm that the file being sent is working properly, for example, by creating a test file with a long enough duration to view the screen and set the cut to 20 percent. I say “long enough duration” because a ten second cut file won’t let you see the screen as the activity progresses. If you send a 20% file and see 20%, the manual aspect of your question is not a consideration.

The minimum power of 65% is a factor. It should be the 10 or 20 you seek.

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Thanks for helping me
Ok so you saying is that if my minimum is 65% the Power scale will not be implemented / work . I have to set the Minimum to 10%
The file I send to the laser takes about 2min to run as the laser is engraving 10 x squares (20x20mm). Each square with a different power scale under the Shape properties.
I try with a very low minimum power setting and Maximum at 65% power.

Also how do I reset my controller to back to default settings , do I press the Reset button ?

Hope I going in the right direction.

DO NOT RESET your controller. Bad things happen to the machine when it is reset to factory configuration, which is not machine specific confuguration!

My last message suggested that you run a single level of power for a duration of sufficient length to confirm that the display reflects the file you sent, not the manual configuration you’ve referenced.

Sending the test file with scaled power settings is inconclusive when you’re having a problem making things work they way you want.

If your minimum and maximum power are both set to the same, then no scaling can have any effect. Max power is predictably the highest power the laser will use on this layer, and minimum the lowest. If you set both to the same, everything in the layer will burn at this % because you’ve told it that it can never do anything else.

I set the minimum power to the lowest percentage the laser will fire at (10% for me) and max to whatever is appropriate. As I understand it, 50% power scale on a shape then means it will burn this particular shape at the halfway point between max and min power.

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@JohanS, I think you have a generally correct idea, except for the 50% description.

If max is 60% power and min is 20% power, the difference is 40. 50% of 60 is 30, but the halfway point between 60 and 20 is 40.

If max is 100% (not a good idea) and min is 10%, the difference is 90, half of which is 45, while 50% of 100 is 50. Even if you add that half to the min, it’s now 55.

The simplest way to read it is that the max power represents how much the laser will output, and scaling is applied to that number. Max power = 60%, scale factor 25% means 15% of the laser is now applied. The minimum only means that the laser can reduce power for acceleration compensation and also to reduce power as required by the scale factor.

Power Scale acts as a sort of ‘slider’ between Min Power and Max Power. With a Power Scale of 100%, the output will be the Max Power setting. With a Power Scale of 0%, the output will be Min Power. 50% Power Scale will output 50% between Min Power and Max Power.

Note that this is all still subject to the rules regarding Start Speed and Min Power - If your speed is set at or below the Start Speed setting in the controller, you’ll only get Min Power.

So my understanding is the correct one, and not the one offered by Fred above?

Correct. It’s a percentage of way from Min to Max, not a scale applied to Max only.

Thanks guys got it working. I had Max and Min at 65% which is wrong. It’s working great now , max at 65% and min at 10%. Thanks for the help guys

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