Power Scale question

Not sure if this is ultimately software or hardware, but I was on the O2 website and found the power scale generator. I made a simple test file to see how the function works and created a single speed and scale from 10%-100% max min with 10 steps. The file generated as I expected. When I ran it on the cutter, the laser didn’t file. After some research, if your trying to cut below the start cut speed in the controller, the Ruida will default to the minimum (10% in this case) and trying to run at 11mm/s (ruida min is 15) For me, it didn’t image anything as it’s 1% below my imaging threshold for my tube.

In an attempt to make it work, I changed the start speed to 7, just to see if it would work. It did cut in some places, but not in others. It was quite strange as it would cut if the direction was in the X but if it started in y, it wouldn’t image.

Does anyone know why the start speed for cutting is 15 and can’t be changed without creating some issue? If it can’t then is there a way to use the power scale function for cutting?


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