Power Scale with TopWisdom controllers

Is the power scale functional with TopWisdom controllers? I created 10 boxes on one layer and then changed the power level of each from 10% to 100%. In the preview mode when ‘shaded by power’ is selected it looks correct. When sent to the laser it seems all are cut at the maximum power selected for the layer. Is this something that is not functional yet with this controller?

This is a known issue. I found this as the number 2 response from searching “TopWisdom power scale”. Your post was number 1. :slight_smile:


Thanks. That is what I wanted to confirm. I couldn’t find anything when I searched. I can’t even open the link you posted! I will just have to uses layers as a work around. Just another reason to change controllers!

Not sure why you are having issues with the link. Here is what was said:

Work on TopWisdom support is continuing and an ongoing development effort.

I get a message that says “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”.

Ah, sorry. This is a post from our Beta group so yes, you would not be able to see this directy.

I am having an issue with my lightburn on a top wisdom controller with power scaling option, I had created 20 boxes and change the power for all of them and when I start the process the laser will not burn but acts likes its doing the engraving. Is there any fixes or work around on this??

What do you have set for Min and Max Power? They need to be different as Power Scaling works between those settings.

For DSP controllers, Power Scale ramps the power between Min Power and Max Power, and Min Power must be high enough for your tube to fire. Every tube has a slightly different firing point, but for the sake of this example, let’s call it 10%. If your Min Power setting is 10%, and your Max Power setting is 80%, the Power Scale parameter is like a slider between those two numbers: a scale of 0% in this case means “use Min Power” (10%), a scale of 50% is “half way from Min Power to Max Power” (half way between 10 and 80 is 45), and a scale of 100% means “use Max Power”, or 80% in this case. This makes it a little bit trickier when setting up a grid for testing, but it’s still quite useful.