Power setting seem off after disconnecting rotary tool

I have an Omtech 80watt laser with a Piburn grip that I used to engrave some tumblers for the first time. Now that it is disconnected I am having an issue with the power being too high. I turned the laser off & closed Lightburn & I still have the issue. I changed the power from 20% to 15% but it is still burning at what looks like 30 or 40%. What did I do wrong?

Besides enabling the rotary, did you change any internal settings?

The machine really doesn’t know it’s a rotary for all practical purposes…

But ensure you have turned the rotary off in Lightburn

Just the use of the rotary doesn’t have anything to do with power/speed.


I did not change any other settings & I did make sure the rotary is no longer enabled. It is boggling my mind. I will try to burn some stuff this evening to see if it is still doing it.

If you didn’t change any settings, then the values that control speed and laser power haven’t changed…

Double check focus… ensure optics are clean and properly aligned.