Power supply do I need for new RECI 100 watt Laser Tube

I replaced my failed RUICI 100 watt CO2 Laser tube with a new "
RECI 100W CO2 Laser Tube W4/S4 (Peak 130W) 1400mm long 80mm dia."
I still have my original ZYE Laser 100 watt power supply model MYJG100W-1, AC110V, NG20664. The new laser tube is firing with red beam, however it is not cutting anything.
Do I need to replace with a new DY13 or DY20 power supply?
Please help.

The original psu should be fine.

I can not figure out that with 4 mm/sec speed to cut 1/8 inch thick cardboard type skin, and 85% max and min power, with all lenses cleaned, I see 26 mA current displayed, but it is not cutting. It is 6090 IEHK Chinese Laser machine. Focal length for the laser head is 50.8 mm.
Any suggestions in this are welcome.
May be I have completely messed up the beam alignment! Though I watched and followed videos to put masking tape to check where center of the beam hits mirror 1 at the tube, then Mirror 2 for Y axis, then Mirror 3 on the Laser Head.


On every change of the Tube you have to reallign the Mirrors

Are you saying there is no beam showing up at the workspace?

Gregory, Hardy and Bonjour,

Thank you so much for taking time to reply and help.

I had to go back and move the tube closer to the Mirror 1 at the laser tube. Then with lots of patience, I realigned all the mirrors and then tested it. The power supply is just fine and it started cutting it again as it used to do.

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