Powered Z axis supported?

New guy to all this. I got the powered Z axis option w/ my Laotian 80W fibre. Havent seen a way to actually control the Z. Is it supported in the software?

Is your laser a high-speed galvanometer laser or an industrial gantry laser with a Ruida or DSP controller?

Z Focus is manual on many Galvanometer lasers.

Z control for cut-depth adjustment isn’t coordinated with cutting or engraving for Galvo lasers.

I have asked internally if the Z-axis control for drill-down will be available in the near future. This feature expected in 1.4.00 is similar to what you seem to be asking for.

Unlike Glavo lasers, DSP controlled Gantry lasers can have have a coordinated Z-axis control. Z-axis control for gantry lasers is most often achieved by moving the bed.

A pic of your laser and perhaps the control board to confirm it’s a Galvo EZCad 2 board would clear things up.

JJ thanks for the reply. I have a galvo w/ an EZCad 2 board. I will look forward to the next upgrsde.

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