Precision of a cut

when i draw a small horizontal line it steps up about 1 mm every 2 cm , or down
but it is never a straight line
what do i wrong , i tried almost every option
on the screen it looks perfect
frans nijenhuis

Hi, they will need to know what machine you’re using but it sounds like one of the tracks is running offline to the opposite one.
I have an ortur which runs on belts, if it were me would bring it back to home and check the distance on either end of the track, it’s a simple fix.
may only be off by a mm or so.
Hope this helps but i’m sure someone will come and help soon.

thanks for your response
i have a machine that also runs on belts , and it it very possible that that is the problem , it makes a strange noise when i cut something
i will check everything today
thanks for your suggestion :+1: :+1:

i tried your suggestions , but no luck
also when i make a picture inside lightburn , there are no round circles and no straight line a little slope
i tried to reinstall the software but no luck
i have cut perfect circkels before
i think it has something to do with the aduino
do you know i can reset it

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