Premature stoppage during cut

I am using LightBurn 1.2.04 with an Ortur LM2. The cut is stopping prematurely. The preview shows all of the lines to cut. Cut distance: 156 in. Extimated time: 22:42. Speed 175 mm/min. Power: 99%. is there a buffer or cache I need to adjust?

no - but post a screenshot of the console when it happens, that will tell us more of what is happening.

The file ran sucessfully once and on the second run it stopped.

OLF 185 shows that this is an S2 (Pro?). Which strikes me as strange because the welcome message says Laser Master 2 S0.

I’m looking at this link and I’m somewhat confused.

@OrturTech Can this Series zero (S0) run OLF 187 or OLF 190?

This is sounding more like a power issue if i am honest
Same project, if you unplug module cable from the module and run the job will it also Alarm 3?
(it wont engrave anything obviously)

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