Prepare logo for engraving on Mira 9

Newbie to using the Mira 9 and Lightburn software. What is the best way to prepare an image for engraving? I have tried removing the background of our logo and then creating a “Vector file” in Inkscape but when I import the logo I’m wanting to put on our product it opens it as an image and I’m not getting anything actually put onto the product.

Also, any setting recommendations would be great. It’s Black anodized aluminum I’ll attach what we are trying to replicate from the previous company that was doing the engraving for us.

When importing a bitmap/image, use the Trace feature to convert it to a vector format.

Are you referring to in lightburn or inkscape?

This is what I’m trying to engrave

This what I’m getting in Lightburn though and it’s not engraving anything so seems like something with the file type is not working

You ask LightBurn or Inkscape? Either one will work but why use two when LightBurn will do the entire task? I’m not sure why, but I right clicked on your posted image and selected copy, then paste into LightBurn. It pasted into LightBurn as a black square. Easily resolved. Print screen, paste into raster editor (Paint Shop Pro) and crop to the image. Copy/Paste that, run Trace and the result is attached, as a legacy file, to ensure no problems with the 1.2 upgrade. There are artifacts in the original work that appear to be glints of light, which have become part of the work.
srs.lbrn (106.3 KB)

Be sure to check layer settings as I didn’t.

Appreciate the support! Any laser setting recommendations for etching the anodizing off of aluminum?

I’ve done it once or twice and it takes very little power to make a mark. It’s also quite dependent on the depth of the anodizing. If you only have a 50 micron depth of anodizing, no amount of power is going to go deeper.

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