Preprocessor for kerf compensation

I know this has been brought up for many years now, but it would be great if one could compensate for the fact that most diode laser spots are elliptical and not perfectly circular. A video on that matter dealing with the Ortur LM3 has been posted recently to Youtube here.

In this video, an offset path was calculated based on the assumption that one knows the major and minor diameter of the elliptical beam and that the ellipse’s axis are aligned with the X and Y axis of the machine. A Python script was provided to process SVG files, but I don’t know how robust it is for complex shapes; maybe stretching the shapes along the major axis by the ration of the axis is enough?

The question is can one create a preprocessor that does this based on this script which sits between Lightburn and the data sent to the laser cutter.

That’s the reason why I order a new laser head.
original one:

New one:

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