Preventing premature Diode degradation

Hello all. I’m curious what the community thinks is the highest power I should run my 20w Ortur in order to prevent premature diode failure? I know running at 100% is bad for most diode lasers, so what is best? I don’t have a problem running down the speed to compensate for reduced power.

Some say stay below 90%, some say 80-85%. It’s kinda confusing as Ortur themselves say the new LU2-4 module on the LM2 Pro can run 24 hours a day…but don’t say at what power :thinking:

You’re going to find that a judgement call. How fast do you run your engine rpm? If you run that at 100% it won’t last long. At some point it will run too slow. That’s a good place to back up a step. There’s also a trade off in how it cuts material related to speed and power.

I run my LED lasers at around 70%. Still have them after 4 years of service… :slight_smile:

I try to keep the laser power below 85%. I either adjust the speed or burn it several times. Laser about 1 yr old and going strong! :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’m gonna settle for 90%, if I cook it within the year, hey - That’s what warranties are for :grin:. I love this new LU2-4 module, it is a crazy improvement over the LU1-4.

1/4" pine cuts clean in 2 passes!! (w/Air assist)