Preview and output size are different

Can someone give me a hint why the size of the preview (e.g. 40 mm x 10 mm) does not match the size of the lasered object?

The lasered object is about 4x larger than the preview.

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I see that you have an Elekslaser a3, so you use GRBL controller?
If you go in “edit”/“machine settings” you should see your controller parameters.
your #101 and #102 parameters should be 80
Here are mine, only for example :

be carefull : my parameters are not stock ones, I have modified my machine (limit swithes added)

I hope it can help… :wink:

Yes - I have installed the GRBL 1.1.f firmware on the Eleksmaker Mana SE V3.2 board.

Have you installed this additional board for Endstop? I also ordered this board from AliExpress.

I will check the machine settings tomorrow - thank you for this hint.

Let me know if that was the solution! :wink:

Off topic :
I have added normally open switches according to this schema :

1 switch between ground and D9 + 1x100nF capa
1 switch between ground and D10 + 1x100nF capa

2 plugs, wires are soldered at the back of mana SE board

switches are screwed on little 3D printed part. This one is Y switch.

You made my day !!! … but you mean #100 (x) and #101 (y) - right? #102 is z-axis :wink:

All standart parameters were at 250 mm. Now set them to 80 and perview size and lasered object size are the same.

Exact ! I made a mistake ! :expressionless:

You can now play with LightBurn and your elekslaser machine ! :smile:

Don’t forget to put $32=1 (enable laser mode). This is a question often asked by GRBL users… :wink:

Playing - hmmmmmm not really - because I don’t trust the original glasses. So the idea is to use a USB camera with the option in Lightburn to take a look at the workspace.

… but Lightburn doesn’t find my USB cam :frowning: In stand-alone mode the USB cam works perfectly, but I can’t select the cam in Lightburn because the Cam pulldown menu is empty.

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