Preview correct but Text engraved Backwards

I have a Neje Maaster 2S Plus and am engraving the layout shown in Screenshot1. Preview shows exactly that with text oriented correctly/as desired. But when I engrave, the text is backwards. I have read many of the existing forum articles that setting origin correctly in device settings (can cause this behavior) but am still confused. Screenshot 2 shows my current device basic settings. I also observed that selecting home behaves correctly (see “home” photo) but selecting Go to Origin (see “Origin” photo) doesn’t go to where I thought it should? Is this a problem and/or related to the text?

Origin setting should be bottom-left for your machine.

Thank you very much. That definitely solved the “backwards” text problem. Can you explain or point me to a tutorial (I have watched many) that explains how the origin designation affects this behavior?

When I set the origin to bottom left as your recommended, the text direction was correct but the two lines of text were inverted - i.e., the one I had on top was now on the bottom and vice versa. I solved this by flipping vertically but I realize that I do not fully understand the interaction of these settings.

There isn’t much on machine origin.

You can read a little about it here:
Device Settings - LightBurn Software Documentation

Note that this is really a one time configuration on a per device basis.

This should only happen when opening files created with a design origin or if changing the origin dynamically. You will not likely have to even consider machine origin on a go-forward basis.

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