Preview Does Not Match Reality

Not so sure when this started happening, but the order of cuts/engraves in LightBurns PREVIEW is not the same as what actually gets executed by the laser. Is this a bug or a setting I have off? I know for sure certain a few months back the jobs I checked were correct.

Boss LS3655/Ruida, Lightburn 0.9.09

You need to offer a bit more here for us to understand. Please show an example of this.

Preview, for a conceptual example, will show the cut order of multiple objects as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 however the actually cut order will be 2,3,4,1,5. Does that make sense?

Sorta. Are you saying that you play the ‘Preview’ and the Preview Cut Process is not the same as the actual Cut Process when run on the laser? You can use more words, this really helps us “see” what you are trying to convey.

Please provide pictures and example file so we can try to reproduce.

I felt I used all the words I needed, as the original post says what you just repeated, no? I don’t understand what more in the way of a description I could offer that would further make it clear. I don’t understand the

“the order of cuts/engraves in LightBurn’s PREVIEW is not the same as what actually gets executed by the laser”

I’ll upload a file if that helps, but to see it on the machine will you need a video and a clip of the preview video?

I understand that you believe you have used all the words needed. I am not trying to be difficult here, just looking for clarity as I am not “seeing” what you are. Anything you can provide, while you may believe you have already done so, will help us help you.

What optimization settings do you have for this job? You are saying it cuts out of order. I am telling you that LightBurn produces a ‘Preview’ of the exact job that will be sent to the laser. Somehow, these things don’t match and I am trying to understand why, but I do need you to help us more.

No problem. I’m going to see information I can gather. I understand it could be a setting. I noticed it several times when I first posted this, and again yesterday my business partner noticed it. I’ll get his file and jot down some details.

Are you running the file from a different computer than you’re doing the preview from? If so, do they have the same optimization settings enabled? (these are currently not saved with the file, but we’re going to change that, hopefully for the upcoming release)

Hi Oz, While edits and the final work are done on the shop computer hooked to the laser (over Ethernet), we do use two other computers when away from the shop occasionally. Perhaps this would explain it if we are using a file that started it’s life elsewhere? Which optimization settings are we talking about?

Thanks for the good guess Oz. Two machines.

Just to offer a little helpful feedback, understanding that your workflow includes file creation on a different system than the one that runs the job is a very good indication of the issue you were seeing. That is the type of info I was asking for when asking for details of what you did and what the results are.

Look at the ‘Optimization Settings’ by clicking the button near the mid-right of the ‘Laser’ window.



You will want to ensure these settings match between the file source machine and the production machine to get the same results. We also suggest checking the same fonts are installed or you convert text to paths to have the file look the same as expected.

If you save an RD file from a computer, the moment after you do a preview, what’s saved will be the same.

If you copy the LightBurn file to a different computer, and have different optimization settings on that machine, and that’s the one used to generate the file for the laser, it will plan the job differently.

When LightBurn was first created, these didn’t have nearly as much impact on the overall job plan as they do now, so we’re going to be moving them to being saved with each file as well as having defaults you can set for a new file. In the meantime, if you make sure each machine has the same settings you should see no difference when running the job on either.

Update - I have checked the computers and all have the same settings (as shown here).

More to come…

Attached is a file for example. The screenshots show the order of the cuts starting at the bottom right, however on the laser it was starting at the top right shape
lb3 .

Foam Layout.lbrn (32.7 KB)

Are both computers also using the same ‘Start From’ value and Job Origin settings?

We switch between Absolute Coords and Current Position depending on need. Right now, YES, the computers are each at Absolutely Coords, however when the file was created perhaps not (no way to know now with certainty).

Is there a way to “reset” the file so that it just does what the computer sending the file says?

There isn’t a way at the moment, however as I’ve said, we’re moving to putting the Job Origin, Start From, and Optimization Settings all embedded in the project file, with user assigned defaults when you create a new file.

At present, the computer sending the file is the authority. When you created it, if your Start From setting was different than the one that sent the job to the laser it would explain the difference.

Sounds great, I’ll assume this is the issue and just move on. Look forward to the update too!

Started with a brand new file today on the PC connected to the laser (via Ethernet). This should show things better. The Preview is not the same as the actual cut path. Hopefully my images are clear.

Do you have the machine origin set properly in the software? That just looks mirrored to me.

I believe so. Boss LS3655 / Ruida.
LB origin