Preview Est. time Off after Update to 0.9.21

My estimated time in the preview window has always been pretty accurate. Even as close as a few seconds off. However after the update, It seems to be sometimes 5 minutes or more off. I have tried to go into “edit>device settings>Addition settings” and read from controller, but that didn’t change anything. I was cutting a file yesterday that said in preview about 8 minutes and it ended up being about 15 minutes. The only thing I changed was upgrading to the beta release before it was mass released. I have a Ruida 6442 controllers using Windows laptop.

Some job types are more likely to be off than others. Are you running files that you had gotten accurate estimates from before? Nothing in the preview estimate code has changed for this version as far as I know.

I don’t really have any complex files. All mine are pretty simple. And Yes they used to be pretty spot on. I know that I can tweak the setting in the Advanced settings tab, but is there a good tutorial on that? I would rather not go changing a bunch of stuff and make it worse.

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