Preview Job Dark

Hi Guy’s
We are using lightburn 0.9.07 and would like to know why the preview job is darker than the actual vector, as this is offputting as we are not sure if we have enough contrast in our job.

There is no way for LightBurn (or any other laser software, really) to show you what your output is going to look like on any given material - there are too many factors at play, including tube power, focus, material, type of laser (diode or CO2) and the list goes on from there.

The preview is to show you the path that your laser will take, so you can verify that the job is running in the correct order, and things visually look like you intended them to. If you zoom in on the preview, you can generally get a better idea of what the shading is going to look like, but even then all the above still applies.

You said, “vector” but then you also said “contrast” - Are you trying to engrave a picture, or running a vector job?

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