Preview job time calibration

Hi team,

In the interests of getting more accurate job times for quoting, we’ve been tweaking our Device Settings to try to match the preview time with the real world time.

Are z-moves included in the job time preview? Based on my testing, I’m inclined to say no but I’m happy to be corrected. There also doesn’t seem to be a place to set the real world Z speed for the preview view.

(controller is a Ruida 6442S-B(EC) if it matters!)


Z moves are not included at the moment, no. Z speed is 20mm/sec, but might be limited by the max speed in the controller.

Thanks Oz, and thanks for the great software.

Apart from a certain amount of unknown Ruida voodoo, is there a reason why the settings pulled from the machine for the preview job time wouldn’t match the machine’s calculation of the job time?

We’ve noticed this more specifically with raster fill layers as opposed to cuts, and I assume it comes down to not being able to calculate the over-run the same way that the machine does.

The cut times tend to be pretty accurate, although that is with the 80% global speed default still in place.

I’m not including overscan in the preview for DSP systems, though that’s on the list to add. I suspect that will be the reason.

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