Preview not same as actual cut

I’m doing my first test project. Followed the instructor. everything looks as it should in the preview and framing. But when I click start, it goes beyond the limits of my work area and makes the belt skip. (that can’t be good) Can someone help?

The preview doesn’t always show the complete work that would be sent.

In the Main window in LightBurn, key in the following.
Ctrl A
Ctrl Shift A
no need to press enter.
this will select everything and zoom to view it.

Do you have any selected work outside the work area?

If that’s not it…
Open the Preview window and turn on ‘Show Traversal Moves’. Does the red-pink outline extend outside the work area?

If that’s not it…
Request a few reports from your engraver by typing the following into the Console window in LightBurn:
pressing enter after each one.

Please select and copy the text from the Console window into a reply here. This will show us how large the work area is and where the engraver believes that it is positioned.

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