Preview question

I have a trail copy of LB on my desktop and have no realistic way to connect it to my laser is there a way to see previews without loading the machine information?

You do not “need” to be connected to preview a project but you do have to create a ‘Device Profile’ to have LightBurn produce the correct UI and file to match the capabilities of your setup.

To display the ‘Preview’ window, you can select ‘Tools’→’Preview’ from the menu, you can click the ‘TV’ looking icon near the top-center or you can use the hotkey ‘Alt + P’.

There’s a bunch of information used by the preview that is stored with each controller profile that you set up, so the preview can give an accurate time estimate. You need to create a device profile even if you don’t ever plan to connect to a laser, so the software has the appropriate place to store these settings.

It also needs to know what features are available to you (Z control, perforation / dots mode, power settings, etc). The UI adapts heavily based on the type of controller selected, so there’s not much point in trying to run it without setting one up, which is why we make it so insistent.

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