Preview screen centering

Can anyone tell me why I have my design in the center of main grid but when I click on the preview window it moves my design all the way to the left side of screen? Thanks!

Are you saying the act of selecting the 'Preview" command, changes the location of your artwork on the workspace grid? Can you please show an example of this? I have not heard this reported before, and can not reproduce based on the information provided.

Which version of LightBurn, and what OS (include version) are you using? Does this only happen when clicking the “TV” icon to expose the ‘Preview’ or can you make this happen with the menu or hotkey for Preview as well?

maybe something tiny drawn somewhere on the screen, zoom out and try to select the empty space with a bounding box to see if anything is there

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That’s exactly what it was. I was going to take a screenshot and changed my design color to make it easier for everyone to see. When I did, I noticed that I had two colors listed in my cut editor. There was a very very tiny item way outside of the main grid that was throwing everything off center when I went into the preview window. Thanks for taking the time to try to help me.

I usually do a ‘Select All’ and then ‘Frame Selection’ to see if the bounds make sense. If my design is just supposed to be this circle, for example:

Select All will catch this little stray out here:

Nice catch, Alan.

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