Preview seems to skip a layer or offset it

Start off by saying that I am on day 3 of using lightburn (I still am in the trial phase so I may just be doing something wrong). However I am trying to run a cut that makes a grid for my laser bed by having 2 layers one for each direction (to minimize movement not needed for cutting). When I try and preview it (even with both layers selected, and set to output) only 1 layer shows up in the preview. I restarted lightburn and it switched witch lay was working. And at least once one layer came in as only a partial image and was in the wrong location (can no longer repeat that).

Any help would be great, like I said I am extremely new to this and am self teaching so I may have just reconfigure something.

One more image this is what happens when I only try and print the layer it is ignoring

Go to Edit > Settings and turn this off:

(Or make sure all your lines are within the page)

Thanks that fixed it I don’t know why only half was being dropped sometimes but turning off drop out of bound fixed it.

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