Previous files starts running when new one sent to laser

After creating new file in LB I hit start and an older file starts printing. Is there a way to clear LB memory of old files. I may not have done a preview but don’t understand while an old file is still loaded and starts printing when a different file is in the workspace. An aside on a windows version of LB I would like to see a close file in the file menu so the program remains open. Thanks.

If you had to purchase a dsp key, then you have a Ruida controller…

Lightburn doesn’t store these machine code files. They are held within the Ruida controller…

You can manipulate the the stored files via the file tab in the cut/layer window.

If it’s not visible, you have to Window → File List to enable it. You will probably have to do a refresh to get a list.

Unless there are files there you need, I’d suggest deleting the entire group of them… sometimes the Ruida gets a bit cranky when you fill it’s memory up…

Use File → New

Good luck


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Thanks for the info. No files listed. Just have to be more careful with files when sending to laser.

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