Print an Cut oversized project

Hi Guys, am working on a template for spray painting. The width is 7 feet long, so have to cut 6 sections. Lightburn says for the PRINT and CUT feature…" You can use it to register two halves of a large job with each other…". I was wondering if I can run my project as one using print and cut pass-through :idea: . I have an Ortur LM2.

Not sure if there’s some nuance to the question you’re asking. But yes, you can use Print and Cut with your LM2. There’s nothing machine specific about it other than the ability to use absolute coordinates and having a good way to aim your laser very precisely.

6 sections is fundamentally no different than 2 sections but you’ll just need to repeat the process 5 times.

Given the scale of this I suggest you sort out how you can do a test run prior to committing. I usually do this by running a copy of the layer to be cut with a very low power setting and typicalily higher speed so I can confirm that the path is what I expect. I’m also usually only concerned about the perimeter. As long as that matches I can be assured that all internal shapes will burn as expected.

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…let me give it a try, shall post feedback. Thank you!

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