Print and cut alighnment out after every job

Hi do you have to align the camera every time you do a job
also when in absolute cord, the machine should home at rear right
but after job it goes back about 100mm almost centre am i missing a setting and could this be problem haveing to realighn camera every time I want to use print and cut mode

That’s set through the Ruida controller console. The exact menu option depends on which controller you have, but look for something like Return Position or Back Position or Docking Position; the choices may include the machine home position, a specific location, or staying where the pattern ends.

In general, you will get better results with the machine’s red-dot pointer, because the camera accuracy is marginal at best.

Adjust the red dot to sit exactly on the laser beam by focusing and firing a test pulse into cardboard, then tweaking the dot position. I check that before doing anything requiring good accuracy and it works quite well.