Print and cut never ever works despite 48k videos and posts read lol

Like so many others i have been having so many issues with over sized cuts i just stopped using it. But now I have to get it to work.

It is the same thing every time. I line up the registration marks via the wizard and it cuts off to the right and down a bit.

I tried current and absolute, ive tried doing each target first, offset is 0. Tried changing start point.

So what happens is one of two things. If I use absolute and then run a frame it looks okay but then it jumps to a position far off the material. It still frames okay but when i hit strart from lightburn it goes to mark and jumps off a bit then cuts.

If i line up to mark and select start from current it jumps slightly down and right and then runs.

When i frame from current starting position it starts frame right from that spot. If i cut , it jumps.

Do I just have a broken systems?

BIG EDIT: So I tried to eyeball the targets and ran a frame. While framing I noticed that the red dot changed size a bit while traveling. So I decided to stop the laser in the middle, focus then run a pulse.
It was a little off. Then i jogged the laser to the back where the registration marks are, lined up the dot and ran a pulse and it was off almost about the same distance as my cuts were off.

So i’ll be damned if it wasn’t the slight curved of the wood going through the passthrough coupled with my dot not totally lined up with the laser.

Apologies to all the names I called Lightburn for my stupidity :slight_smile:

Time to get the dot combiner.

Credit where credit is due! Good catch!!

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