Print and cut not following trace outline

I have been practicing the Print & Cut feature with just a simple outline. Though after a few attempts I cant seem to get it to cut along the outline (please see pic) The red is the trace outline and as you can see it seems to have an offset or something.

A couple questions:

  • Was the same source file printed, and then imported with the target shapes into LightBurn?
  • What did you create the red outline & targets in, and where was it printed from?
  • Is your red-dot pointer accurate?

Thank you for the quick reply. The moment i read your reply, i remembered that i had moved the target points a bit after importing into lightburn. I printed out a new page then re-imported the file back into lightburn and realigned the targets point… It followed the line PERFECTLY!!!. I could not have asked for anything better… again thank you very much for your help.

You can do anything to the entire project, uniformly, like scale, move, or rotate, but if you move a single item, scale just width or height, or something else that affects only part of the job, it won’t work.

I’m happy it was something simple. :slight_smile:

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