Print and cut not working for me

Having issues with the Print and Cut feature in Lightburn.

  1. I make a jpeg file that I import into Lightburn then I trace and remove everything except the outline. I go to print and cut and set the 2 target positions but after setting the 2nd target the align to output is not automatically checked. I do it manually. Is that ok or should it be done for me?

  2. After marking the set points and align I go to burn and sometimes one image a cut exact and the other is off or sometimes the burn area is completely off. I have tried different things or maybe Im doing something wrong. Any help would be great

Might have to have more detail to help you here. How are you doing these steps… Generally the operation sounds correct, but I’ve never done it on an Ortur.

Did you follow an example somewhere on how to do this…?


I have watched a couple of videos and followed the steps but someone seems off
I create the image in photoshop with reference points and save it as a jpeg
Import jpeg to Lightburn
Trace image
Remove everything from image except for outline of image and reference points
Jog laser over to 1st point , set it then over to 2nd point and set it also
Now Ive seen in a couple of videos that the align to output should be automatically checked but it doesn’t
I go ahead and manually check align to output
Start from is absolute
and it says its ready to burn/cut
once it starts it never cuts the image the same from the last time I cut it and it is always off

If it’s working or set up properly, the laser window will have “Ready (Print & Cut)”

When you move the laser, with Lightburn, the numbers appear to reflect the proper location of the laser head?

Somehow it’s not figuring out that you are successfully setting both points.


If I understand him, he’s making them with the image in photoshop.

As I think about it… You are probably right. They need a ‘spot’ I don’t know if an ‘image’ spot will be sufficient.

All of the videos I’ve seen use a ‘grouped’ vector for the target.

I don’t think he is properly selecting the points…


Photoshop doesn’t have SVG ext as a option to save. And how would you all add reference points in Lightburn. I have watched a couple of YouTube videos on this and each one shows adding reference points in the jpeg image

You could add the reference points in LightBurn after the trace. But no matter, it shouldn’t really matter for what you’re trying to do.

One thing that’s not exactly clear to me is what you’re trying to use this for. Are you printing something and then trying to cut it out? Are you trying to do a burn that’s bigger than the size of your work area?

Depending on this the steps could be different for what you’re trying to do.

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